Patient Testimonials

Whether a patient visits our office for preventative dental care or for cosmetic treatments like crowns, porcelain veneers and dental implants, our entire team strives to provide the gentle care that makes each visit a good one. Below are some of the generous testimonials we have received from patients.

As a retired healthcare professional who has benefited from a dozen years of care by Dr. Galindo, I can only say that he and his impeccable team represent the pinnacle of modern dental care. He is painless, gentle, conservative and thorough. I can't imagine going to anyone else.



Dr. Galindo,

Everybody wants a painless dentist who is also a perfectionist and I can say that I have total confidence in Dr. Galindo, who is both. He has all the latest equipment, an amiable staff, a high level of skill and an encouraging manner. He has provided a couple of implants, crowns and a bite guard, all with excellent results. I highly recommend this office.

Alex Wilson

Dr. Galindo,

I just want to thank you again for taking me to the next level towards my overall goal. Tonight, I could finally see how my appearance has changed. I'm very pleased with the outcome as I look in the mirror and see my reflection smiling back with confidence.

Thank you!

Dr. Galindo and Team,

So a really nice lady took me to dinner last night, and we started to eat some of that bread that is served there. You know, soft on the inside but hard on the outside. Well, I instantly noticed I could tear through it and eat it instantly and effortlessly. Chewing was something actually enjoyable again. I sort of forgot what it was like.
I stopped eating for a moment and looked into space and thought of you and that yellow leather (dental) chair, and started laughing. She asked, "What's so funny?" I said it was the bread. The end.

Thank you.

Hello all,

I've not thanked you for all the great service and true kindness you have shown me. It was truly a fantastic job, and I am very grateful. Dr. Galindo, your team was outstanding, and of course you did a magnificent job for me. Thank you all!


Dear Dr. Galindo and Staff,

What a great feeling to have a tooth again to fill in my smile. That full smile is back, and I value your expertise. Thank you so much!

One very happy dental patient,

Dear Dr. Galindo,

I want to let you know how very pleased I am with my new crown. It is beautiful, and my mouth feels better than it has in almost 2 years. Thanks to you perseverance, I can chew my food properly again, and I no longer have to worry about my tooth.

Thank you!